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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. good morning, what happened just moments before a suspected drunk driver disappeared. in palo alto there was major flooding, we will show you what the situation looked like and what it looks like now. we will tell you about the hundreds of thousands of passengers that are expected to pass through san francisco international airport. flooding continues and we will have more on ktvu channel 2 morning news starting right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for
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joining us on this monday morning, christmas eve, december 24th, i am pam cook. >> and i am brian flores in for dave clark. where is rosemary orozco? >> yes, we do continue with a flood watch for parts of sonoma county and the flood will rise another foot before it crests. it is around sonoma county and in the area of boeheim highway and we'll see minor flooding which will be taking place and i will show you what you can expect for christmas eve coming up, here is tara moriarty. some flooding near the sonoma raceway, just be aware it is causing some delays. san francisco you can see traffic on the right as you make your way towards fso and
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traffic is flowing well into san francisco, let's head back to the desk. police are searching for a missing man. police say he may be in a creek in fairfax. here is alex savage who will report on what happened just moments before the man went missing. here is alex. >> reporter: the search has been temporarily called off for this man at the creek and the police chief just told me a short time ago, they will be back out here and searchers will later on this morning at first light continue that search but for now the search has been called off. th are looking for a suspected drunk driver who jumped into the water. police have been searching the creek and authorities have been using a boat to look for the man but so far no sight of him. the police chief said they
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tried to make a dui stop on the man's car. the man got out of the car but during the field sobriety test he took off into the creek. he jumped a fence and jumped into the water and they did try to get him to encourage him to come back to shore. >> we tried to encourage him to come back and he swam away from the officers and he couldn't anymore... >> reporter: authorities will be coming back out here around 7:00 a.m. this morning and again they will be searching the waterways and southering areas and -- surrounding areas and if need be, if those efforts are coming up short, they will call on a dive team to see if this man's body is under water in the creek somewhere. i did ask the chief if they knew who this man is and they
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say they do, but they are not releasing his name. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. we begin with coverage on the peninsular, a powerful storm caused the creek to overflow forcing people to leave their homes. janine de la vega joins us live from palo alto with the very latest, jeanine? >> reporter: well we are right near the border where you can see the san francisco creek and in the last hour, the water has receded and i just checked, it is at 9 feet and you couldn't even see that tree branch but the water was at 15.9 feet. this is video of where i was standing and you can see how high water came. it crested on woodland and is over the entrance of the four seasons hotel. police were escorting people away from the floodwaters and residents were monitoring the flood levels and had sandbags
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to protect their homes. even though there is no massive damage they are worried about flooding where the river bends. >> we have areas where the water has undermind the levee itself and continues to undermind the levee. >> reporter: this is what the southbound lanes looked like north of embarcadero. the creek was literally flooding the freeway and chp was helping most wrists -- motorists far gate. -- navigate. an emergency shelter was opened for people who may have needed this because of the storm but 36 people were evacuated and near the peninsular many people stayed at friends homes but back out here live, it is not
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raining, the roads are wet but the situation at least here at the creek is good because the water is receding and there is no damage to report as of now. reporting live from palo alto, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. we do have good news. state highway 4 was shut down for a time last night due to rocks and a downed power line. fremont is also back open after being shut down due to floods caused by a clogged storm drain. ktvu channel 2 morning news reporter allie rasmus is live at fso reporting significant delays. >> reporter: things are a lot better and we just checked with the duty manager. there is no rain, no low clouds
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but it is expected to be a busy travel day. take a look behind us, you can see the cars and vehicles pulling up to the curbs as they move from the parking shuttle and people are getting ready to arrive into the airport as the they check into their flight. 1 20,000 last minute holiday travelers are expected to pass through today. last night at fso it was a different story with a one to two hour departure and especially flights coming in from the west coast of denver and that was of course because of all the stormy weather we had yesterday. 81 flights were canceled and today it was a different story but at least so far, travelers tell us why they have decided to fly out today on christmas eve. >> they started leaving a day earlier so i would not miss my flight and i know once we missed the flight it would be
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chaos. probably no seats. >> it is the closest to actually getting there on christmas, but i have actually flied there on christmas day. now over the two week travel period, an estimated 2 million people are expected to pass through fso and while yesterday was chaotic with a lot of tee lays, so far so good, there are no delays or cancellations to tell you about. live at fso, ktvu channel 2 morning news. well the snow has been coming down as hard as it was this weekend but now you are taking a live look in sierra and it is still very dark out there. people are required to carry chains. more snow and rosemary orozco can talk about this, only light snow showers. take a look at what it looks
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like. several accidents are reported and at times, traffic is at a complete standstill. many are encouraged to leave themselves extra time especially if they are traffic willing to the mountains. >> -- traveling to the mountains. 6:09 is the time right now, the stormy weather is taking a toll on the roads, let's check in with tara. we have some minor flooding right near the sonoma raceway, it is creating a has started, -- hazard and in the area of shamrock drive and oakland another problem on pinehurst road and the earlier incident we told you about, that tree
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branch, that has been cleared so that is the good news. a lot of folks have the day off from work because normally we would be seeing the metering lights go on the backup extended to the mcarthur maze. 6:10 here is rosemary orozco. it will be a great day to get out and go shopping, maybe go to union square and do some ice skating. this storm is off to the east, we have a little bit of patchy fog and without that installation, we are colder -- insulation, we are colder but many of you would say, i'll take that over the fog. and if you are planning to head up, it is expected to be there in the afternoon and that will give you a better time to travel into the sierra. we have more coming in christmas day and we have
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clouds coming out several hundred miles and rain will hold off until tomorrow and by tomorrow afternoon. we have advice are yous anticipated by the sierra tomorrow afternoon. 29.9 feet, it is expected to rise and will not reach flood stable but is at minor flood stages. the rest of us are dry and cool, 42 in concord, low 40s in fairfield, 37 in napa, 37 in santa rosa. partly cloudy cool afternoon, 55 in oakland for the second half, 54 for you san mateo, low- to-mid 50s for the inland east bay and low-to-mid 50s for the west bay. a shower chance will continue wednesday morning and then we
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are drying out and we are dry through the weekend. i will show you a detailed timeline of that rain coming up. all right, rosemary, not a good game yesterday. it is falling, postseason after a big loss to seattle. police clashed with protesters in india, the reason the crowd of angry demonstrators grew by the thousands, we will have more on that. plus new tools in muni, stay tuned for more, we will explain.
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. new this morning, police are looking for the person responsible for shooting two firefighters. police say one firefighter is in satisfactory condition and you can see how big that fire was. the other victims' condition is not known and the fire is still burning and has spread to a second homement we will have the latest developments -- on the second home. we will have the latest developments coming up. the latest news in india stopping a week of protests, police and troops beat protesters with sticks and shut down roads in new delhily. demonstrators were protesting
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against the brutal rape of a woman on a bus. they say they will take tough actions against rape and violence against women. the volcano started spewing ash and gas. it is on the border with argentina. so far no evacuations have been ordered around the area. pg&e has offered $550 million in the deadly san bruno explosion. but the utility will not admit to safety breaches fathering a criminal charge. consumer groups turned down the deal. eight people died and 20 people were hurt in the explosion. accounts were filed by the company in ireland. the social media said they funneled money which was transferred to the cayman
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islands. they say it is known as a double irish where payments are moved to subsidiaries in order to pay lower taxes. the tools come and decide to make muni scheduling the focus of app problems showing real locations to passengers. for now it's being tried out at the station. they were routed by the seahawks. seattle got up to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter by this time martian lynch. he scored the first two touchdowns and david scored for another touchdown. they have now dropped to the third speed and they will not
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become a first round bithis weekend. cam newton put the touchdown early on and ray had to leave after the first quarter after a hard hit. in the next quarter, the raiders sacked newton and newton appeared to kick kelly off of them. he said quote, you take our guy out, and then quote, we will take your guy out. they won 17-6. let's go to tara, i understand there is a big accident in berkeley? yes, if we take a look at our maps, we can show you where this is located. there we go. between gill man street and university avenue, we have four lanes blocked all except for one. five lanes are blocked and they
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have cleared most of it so there is just one lane blocked and you can see a little bit of it, you can see traffic was stopped, so we are definitely having an impact and be advised you will be experiencing some delays over the next 15 minutes or so at least. and this is the pittsburgh area, as you make your way towards concord no delays. we have water droplets on the lense but your commute into san francisco is looking good at this hour. here is rosemary orozco. for your monday, nice and dry, giving you a work out over the oakland estuary and winds have died down considerably. partly cloudy skies and patches throughout the bay area.
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they are cooler than where we are so upper 20s to mid-40s, the leading edge of the clouds will hit us overnight tonight and way back there we have the rain coming in. let me show you what to expect, we have no troubles and it is a quiet night near the clouds. tomorrow we wake up with clouds by christmas day and noontime light rain falling sliding south by early afternoon and by 3:00 and 4:00 we have solid rain and scattered showers by christmas night. giving you a look at the extended forecast, we will be warming for the second half of your day. as we get into thursday and through the weekend, we are dry with cool conditions. >> thank you, rosemary.
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holiday shoppers still have some gifts to cross off their list and now they are down to the final hours. many will not buy a gift until some time today. they may even have to find someplace open christmas day to wrap up their holiday shopping. one gift they know will be used, footwear ranges in the most popular gifts this year, they were not popular last year but some say they want to give something extravagant but practical. what has launched a police investigation. public teams are giving
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lynch. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. swastikas and other offensive graffiti were found on the life
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size nativity set of a priest's home. they are angered by what happened. >> you know, no matter what their beliefs are they should respect others and for them to trample on what people here at this community hold sacred is sad. >> parishioners say the nativity scene has actually been vandalized in the past and police have no suspects. they will require students to earn their tuition. the san jose high school was recently proved and students will return classes one day a week and work one day a week. they will earn about $10,000 a year. these students are from low- income families and there are 25 of these schools across the country. california saved money by requiring state lawmakers to drive their own cars.
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they are now reimbursed for the miles they drive on official business. they used to lease cars for them but the state report came because they had driven lower mileage than they had in the past and 23 lawmakers did not ask the state to reimburse them at all. they are reaching high ridership rates. more than 92,000 people rode the ferry to at&t park this past championship season. this is the third year they have had 90,000 riders or more. back in 2009 only 60,000 people rode the giant's ferry. tara, is there more information on this accident in berkeley? well, chp is calling for more to help on traffic breaks. this is a 6 car crash rather than a 5 car crash at the
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university off ramp. we are not sure how many now but you can see the backup at the top portion of your screen and you can see that traffic is at a standstill and is trickling down at the moment. 880 on the sunole grade traffic is look good in both directions, let's head over to rosemary orozco. how are you doing this morning? we have a fairly pleasant day and we are off to a chilly start and we have a little bit of patchy fog out there santa rosa and napa are reporting some fog. we will watch this burn off and we have 50 minutes until the official sunrise. we will be cool but dry and we have wet weather coming in time for christmas and i will break that down for you and show you the timeline coming up. how a powerful winter storm shut down 101 and caused flooding in the three cities.
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and we will resume shortly for a man who went missing after he jumped into a creek here. we will tell you about the traffic stop that started all of that. >> and about to ring on wall street, pam cook has the early stock numbers. stay with us.
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. oh, right on time, the opening bell in new york and the salvation army, of course they are doing a lot of bell rinking in the past -- ringing in the past month or so and this is monte carlo spreading some christmas cheer, i hear a lot of the nutcracker this time of year because my little one is a ballerina. we will have a short day with all the businesses coming up.
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welcome to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, i am brian flores, dave clark has the morning off. and we are following news out of marin county where search and rescue teams are waiting to search for a man who went missing overnight. out there with more on what happened just moments before he disappeared, very strange story, alex. >> reporter: yes, the man they were looking for was wanted for drunk driving and at a staff stop he jumped into the creek. they will set up a command post here and they will continue searching for this man in the water once daylight comes. the man jumped into a creek which is actually up a ways from where we are and the area where water is rushing quickly.
6:33 am
police have spent the past few hours looking for this man and authorities used a boat to search the banks over the creek. the search began when police made a dui stop and he got out of the car near sir frances drake and college. they were giving him a field sobriety test -- sobriety test when officers saw him jump the fence and into the creek and officers he eventually lost sight of him. >> we are very concerned for him. the water was swift and we lost sight of him in an area where he could have drowned. >> reporter: at this point, authorities have no idea if he managed to get out of the creek or if he is still in the water somewhere. they know the man's name but they are not releasing his
6:34 am
name. stating early the search will pick back up and the chief also told me, if need be, they could bring in a dive team to search for the man under water. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are continuing with storm watch, flooding concerns still linger after a creek flooded roads and janine de la vega shows us some of the damage live on the roads. >> reporter: we found out the creek has gone down 10 feet compared to last night. now it was very reaching those sandbags you see over there and we will show you footage of what it looked like. you can see this is video of where you just saw me standing and there were several areas in east palo alto.
6:35 am
that helped to keep residents away from the water and many were using sandbags to keep the rising waters from their homes. many are lost power to their homes. >> i saw back down the end of the street everything was flooded so we parked and i got my rain boots on and i came here and i saw everything was out and right here there was like a river. >> reporter: this is what the southbound lanes of highway 101 looked like north of the embarcadero. chp was helping to navigate and they also opened up an emergency shelter for residents who were affected by this storm. 36 people used it by -- used it but by 11:45 they had left. the water here at the creek has receded and there is just a lot of wet roads out there.
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janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. also in the north bay, a flood warning for the nape a river caused roads to close yesterday. in forestville, higigh rains an winds knocked a tree on to a house. road and utility crews say it could take a few days to fix all the problems caused by the storm. meanwhile the storm has also knocked out power to mormon 2000 -- more than 2000 people in the north bay. 200 are in the dark in the south bay, 305 have lost power in the east bay. many are getting the white christmas they dreamed of and for others it is a traffic nightmare. they are trying to keep the roads clear for people getting
6:37 am
to and from the mountains. the highway was shut down for many hours and it left many people stranded for several hours. more snow is expected to fall in the sierra but if you still need to make that trip, remember to keep the chains handy. you can also begin the holiday rush, just go to our website and download the weather app. a fatal shooting a man was shot and killed just before 8:30 last night. police don't know what led up to the shooting and they are still investigating a motive. meanwhile thousands of morses are expected to walk off the job in the bay area -- thousands of nurses are expected to walk off the job in the bay area. they are striking over staffing levels and benefits and pick kitting is expected to --
6:38 am
picketing is expected to start at 7:00 a.m. they are holding their christmas eve annual toy drive. here is a live look inside, they are coffee motion instead of a bear mug -- coffee mugs instead of a beer mug. you don't even have to get out of your car, somebody will pick up your donations from the sidewalk. if you are already in san francisco, cab drivers will also pick up your donation for free. they are searching a special christmas eve breakfast and breakfast starts in about a half hour. prime rib is on the menu today and more than 1,000 people are expected for both breakfast and
6:39 am
lunch. and curbside donation drive, the foundation is still hoping to reach its goal to collect 500 hams to feed 4,000 people tomorrow. they are expecting them on golden gate avenue -- golden gate avenue. let's go to traffic with tara moriarty, do you have anymore information on this area of berkeley? >> we understand there is still quite a bit of congestion on 880 westbound and here is chopper 2 and some of the cars have been moved to the side and they are in the process of getting towed. you can see two lanes are still shut down and only two lanes are opened at the moment. they had to call in several moments in order to get traffic breaks so give yourself some extra time if you want to use
6:40 am
the east shore freeway. we will be experiencing delays and this will take another half hour to completely clear. no delays, this only happens a few times a year so enjoy it while you can. in the san jose area, headlights are running well as you make your way towards santa clara, back to you rosemary orozco. we are dry outside our doors this morning and we have a little bit of patchy fog, cooler start to the day but again we are dry. looking at the satellite radar, a few scattered showers remain over the area and kirkwood picked up two feet of snow. they are dealing with fog as well, patchy fog is reported in
6:41 am
our sports in santa rosa. today is dry but the next system right here is will begin to bring clouds and tomorrow rain is back in the forecast. let's enjoy what we have tomorrow, temperatures will be on the cool side and something we do continue to watch is the rushing river and we have 30.1 feet on the river and it is expected to rise to 30.9 and it will not hit the flood stage but there is an advisory in place. it is right along the river in areas of the rushing river. now 40s and 50s around the bay. in the afternoon lunchtime low- to-mid 50s are expected for the second half of your afternoon. rain returns tomorrow, it will come in the afternoon and stay through the evening hours.
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a few scattered showers and they are drying out as we get into your weekend. excuse me, i will have a look at your timeline coming up. thank you very much. bay area quality officials don't want you burning wood today, a spare the air quality is coming in, the air district wants to prevent spare the air alert on christmas day. what police are doing to stop the violence in richmond. we are tracking holiday travel in san francisco and the lines inside the airport may be another story. we will tell you why you may want to give yourself some extra time if you are flying today. you can see a little bit of slow down on the westbound side, we will have more traffic
6:43 am
hot spots coming up.
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. describe and quiet weather is in the forecast for your monday afternoon. the big story is the chill which 44 degrees in napa. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following. in a few minutes, dive teams
6:46 am
are expected to help authorities in marin county look for a missing man. a drunk driver jumped a fence and into swift rising creek waters. in east palo alto last night, a fire chief said flooding caused 300 people to leave their neighborhoods during voluntary evacuation. and toy drive is underway in san francisco. toys will be secretaried through tomorrow and they are expecting to collect thousands of toys today. some of the holidays are packing san francisco airport once again. allie rasmus is out there to show us how the lines look today. >> well, there is no rain and clouds because of that and inside it is very busy. you can see a lot of cars
6:47 am
pulling up to the curb but people are unloading and checking into their flights but inside the terminal, it is much busier than this. this is the security checkpoint line at terminal 2 and there are hundreds of people waiting in line and the line goes all the way out to the terminal. there are 1 20,000 people who are expected to pass through fso and some of the people stuck in line we spoke to said they were so surprised to see it crowded on christmas eve. >> it is busy, a lot of big lines. >> i had to take this day because of work but we are happy to be going. >> now over the entire two week holiday travel period from this friday to january 6th, an estimated 2 million people are expected to travel. we checked with the duty manager and there are no cancellations like the one we
6:48 am
had yesterday which canceled 81 flights out of this airport. today the weather is cooperating and it is the lines inside which may give you a bit of a problem so you may want to give yourself some extra time if you are flying out of this airport. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. the deadline for the fiscal cliff is just one week away. they are waiting for a small patch rather than a large fix. president barack obama is on vacation and so is house speaker john boehner and there is no agreement and if we go over the cliff, most americans will see higher taxes. a police woman shot and killed an american security adviser. it happened inside the heavily guarded area. the shooting appears to be an insider attack and authorities say this is the first such attack by a woman and was arrested by afghan police.
6:49 am
they are dealing with the rising number of homicides and one city now is also known for its violence. police say 18 people have been killed so far which is down from 43 years ago. the city declared a state of emergency after a deadly summer in 2005. they plan on conduct being several checkpoints from hours from now. they canceled one in fremont and drunk driving is made worse when there are heavy rains like the ones we had over the weekend. they were just three from the same timeframe when skies are clear. roads have been pretty clear and we are just getting a new report of bart delays so
6:50 am
let's check in with tara who is in for sal castaneda. this is due a mechanical problem on a train. the train was cleared from the tracks but it's still looking like residual delays so be aware of it. right now we will look at an accident in the san jose area and the accident has been moved over to the shoulder but it is causing a little bit of a delay over there. you can see traffic is moving nicely in both directions and at the east shore freeway, we had an accident and a couple of lanes are blocked off and things are slowly getting back to normal. the accident happened near gillman so just be aware of it. >> for the first time, we are giving you a look at beautiful golden skies. the official sunrise, we are
6:51 am
already beginning to see that nice glow. it is awfully cold in some spots. widespread 40s in the bay area, 40 in mountain view and in napa, getting out to do early morning shopping bundle up, you are just above freezing by 2 degrees. 36 in novato and we will feel better by 10:00 a.m. and most of us are in the 40s and 50s out there. mostly cloudy out of san jose, clear skies, cool conditions and napa reporting patchy fog this morning. 450 miles out, clear skies, more rain and this will come in time for christmas day. i will pick it up tomorrow morning because today it is nice and dry. tomorrow morning we wake up with the clouds and by noontime, we have steady rain over the north bay and it shifts between 3:00 and 5:00 and it is also the way into
6:52 am
christmas night, with more snow expected for sierra and advice risk are already anticipated. cloudy and cool, 54 in hayward, 54 in san rafael and fairfield and there is your extended forecast. nice today, wet again tomorrow, we have scattered showers wednesday morning and drying out as we head into the weekend. i will have a look ahead to your rainfall total coming up. we will have chery greetings and the hong kong based airline reached a new agreement cafe pacific is down and the crews threatened it withhold food and smiles if a new deal could not be reached before the holidays. my name is bilbo baggins.
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>> prelude for the lord of the rings and the hobbit an unexpected journey, that brings them to nearly $250 million. rise of the guardians and lincoln rounded out to the top 5 and most people are probably finishing their holiday weekend instead. a shooting in connecticut, how a local church is having their voices heard. and are you naughty or nice, we will show you how norad is helping kids track santa's journey. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering.
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get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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. welcome back, 655, it has been more than a week since the deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary school, but people are still demanding more regulations on guns. >> what happened to those children was the tipping point for me. >> hundreds gathered on the brooklyn bridge to honor lives lost and they are sending a message to capitol hill. n ra is standing by its message that taking away guns is not the answer. >> i don't understand why you can't just for a minute imagine
6:57 am
when that horrible monster tried to shoot his way in to sandy hook elementary school, that if a good guy with a gun might have been there, they might have been able to stop him. >> putting armed men on campuses could help keep kids safe from a possible intruder. they are calling for action to prevent gun violence. >> actor and activists danny glover and reverend wright were guests of honor and many people who attended the service say there has been too much violence in the past year. >> my heart goes out to the family and those parents who lost their children and i just want to see those kids protected right now in the schools. >> they met with the mayor last week to see what they could do
6:58 am
to address gun violence and they are hoping for stricter gun laws in the future. the craft hunger bowl, they will serve dinner at the memorial church and they will donate three meals to three san francisco charities for each ticket sold. the game is this saturday at at&t. we have been tracking santa and we are using norad. here is a live picture and guests have already arrived and we understand stand is around china right now. this year norad has partnered with the mapping service to help show santa's stops around the world. >> how does he go so fast. that is crazy. >> i think there is magic
6:59 am
involved. well, we want to remind you there are 15 minute delays due to residual affects and you may still be experiencing delays. let's look at the san mateo bridge, the right-hand side is moving nicely into foster city and on the opposite side. they are experiencing congestion because of an earlier crash but there are still delays so give yourself some extra time. sunday's storm has pulled out of the area but not before giving us quite a bit of rain. keep in mind, this is a storm in a matter of three days, and two and three 10th over redwood city. a search and rescue operation will resume in marin county and what happened just


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